Schwetzingen is in Baden-Württemberg.

Schwetzingen Castle

Get in

The town is sandwiched between the A5 and the A6 just north of the A61 Hockenheim.

About 10 minutes by regional train from Mannheim or Heidelberg or 60 minutes from Frankfurt.

Get around

As a tourist, walking is your best bet. The town is small and the 10-minute walk from the train station to the gardens is along one of the main roads, and on some days includes a market.

By bus

Thompkins Barracks is sort of within walking distance of downtown Schwetzingen. The walk is easy, but can take quite a bit of time. For those who would rather not walk, you can take bus 710 from one of the bridges adjacent to Thompkins Barracks. The ride will cost roughly 50 cents.


Aerial photograph of the Castle Gardens


Visit the pubs around Schlossplatz (the place in front of the castle). If you like dancing, see the Cubar where you can dance salsa.


In May and June, you will get Spargel (Asparagus). Schwetzingen is famous for its awesome Spargel.


If you like beer, try a Welde Pils with its award winning bottle design.


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