Noordoostpolder (literally "northeast polder") is a municipality in the province Flevoland, Netherlands. The whole area consists of reclaimed land in the north of Flevoland. Most travelers will be heading for Schokland, a former abandoned island that has been declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main settlement in the municipality is Emmeloord, with about 25.000 inhabitants.

Besides the confirmed listing of Schokland, the Noordoostpolder itself is also nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site .



Schokland landscape

Schokland was once an island, but in the Second World War, the Dutch reclaimed the land from the water that surrounded the island, creating the Noordoostpolder (North-east polder), and thus also definitively saved Schokland. Halfway through the nineteenth century the island had so much to endure by the sea - which took away most of the land of the islet - that the king of the Netherlands ordered its evacuation. Unfortunately its saviour will also mean its end, as the clay under the now former Island is slowly drying out. The island already lies 1.5 meters lower than it lay in the 1950s.

After the creation of the Noordoostpolder, detailed plans were made for the settlements that were to be built on it. Emmeloord, named after a then lost village on Schokland, was designed to be the only major town and the administrative centre of the region. It was finished in 1963. Around it, a number of villages were created, all at easy biking distance from each other. These settlements are Ens, Marknesse and Kraggenburg (all created in 1949), Bant (1951), Creil and Rutten (1953), Espel, Tollebeek and Nagele (1956) and finally Luttelgeest.

Get in

The A6 is the main access road to the whole Nooroostpolder, and passes directly by Emmeloord. It connects to the A1 and Amsterdam and to the north, it connects to the A7 at Joure. Smaller roads connect the villages to each other, to Emmeloord and minor nearby destinations.

Bus 315 will take you to Emmeloord from Lelystad or Groningen. Coming from Amsterdam, take a train to Lelystad and hop on a bus there. Emmeloord has no train station. Bus 325 also connects Emmeloord to Groningen

Schokland is poorly served by public transport, so preferably arrange a rental bike or car to get there. However, from Emmeloord bus 141 (direction Zwolle) can take you as far as stop Sloetweg. From there, its a good 30 minutes walk.

Get around

The Noordoostpolder was designed to be covered by bike, and it is probably the best way to enjoy the area. Within Emmeloord, on Schokland or in the individual villages, you'll be find on foot. Other ways to explore the area are by canoe, boat, kick scooter, car or motorcycle. All these modes of transport can be rented in the area.



The view from Schokkerhaven


The VVV tourist information office in Emmeloord (located in the polder tower, De Deel 25a) has a good range of souvenirs, gifts and local products. You'll find anything from local cheese and liquor to table ware with tulip decorations.




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