Scheveningen is a fishing village, commercial harbor and seaside resort district in The Hague, the "international city on the sea". It has never been independent from The Hague, but the neighbourhoods of the fishing community still keep their special way of life. Nevertheless, the harbor has been enlarged to offer commercial services and North of the harbor a seaside resort has developed.


The area is divided into three parts: Haven is the seaport where fishers' boats still come in, nowadays accompanied by freighters. It is not particularly picturesque like some French or Spanish fishing harbors, but some good fish shops and restaurants are available. Dorp is the former fishermen's village itself. The last part, Bad (meaning bath, not bad) is the beach resort that most visitors head for. The resort has a history of long royal and well-to-do visitors, but its 19th century grandeur has largely disappeared now due to unfortunate property development in the seventies. The area gets very crowded in summer. For large-scale nightlife, most city dwellers prefer Scheveningen to the center of town.

Scheveningen is divided into two districts; Noorderstrand (Northern Beach) and Zuiderstrand (Southern Beach). The northern beach area is the most famous and is most touristic. The southern beach is more urban and there is usually less to do, but it may be less crowded on sunny days.

Get in

Tram 1 and Tram 9 run between the city centre of The Hague and Scheveningen Noorderstrand. Bus 22 runs from The Hague's central train station to the northern beach. Tram 11 runs between The Hague's second largest train station (Hollands Spoor) and the Zuiderstrand.








eating at the promenade

Lunchrooms, Coffeehouses and Snackbars


Casual Dining




Beach clubs

Scheveningen is crowded with beach clubs. Most are open until 2AM or 4AM on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.






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The Hague is so close, it can be reached by tram or even on foot. Kijkduin is a quieter, more family-oriented beach resort in that city. Another beach resort in the region is Hook of Holland.

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