Satpura National Park

Leptoptilos Javanicus

Satpura National Park is cradled in the Satpura Range (Mahadeo Hills) and straddles the State of Madhya Pradesh, India.



The landscape is just beautiful and mind freshning, which can soothen your body and mind. Sitting in the garden and watching the river and a few boats sailing is one of the lifetime view for a vacation. Very enjoyable

Get in

To reach Satpura Resort you need to reach Suhagpur which comes after Hoshangabad if one is coming from Bhopal. From there 17 km drive inside the village is required where the road condition is pitiable and can shake the water of your stomach.


Permit package is of ₹1750/- which includes safari (in the range of 20-30 km) and boating.

Get around

There are many places to visit like Pachmarhi Hill Station, Bhopal city, Jabalpur Marble Valley, Sanchi Stupas, Bhimbetka Rock Shelters, Pench National Park, Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary, etc.

==See==Typically the clean pollution free environment of the jungle paves clear skies specially during winter night . The priceless thing here is to plunge in headphones and enjoy the Night show you being the spectators of the Stars in hundreds and thousands .


The park is really isolated from the outside world. Hence do carry eatables with you. If one stay at the MP tourism resort named Satpura Resort or Dubey's Resort.

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