Sarikei is a town in Sarawak, East Malaysia.

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There are 2-3 major shopping centres in Sarikei, namely Ngiu Kee, Everise, Everwin and Nam Leong. If you're looking for a good branded one,then Nam Leong or Ngiu Kee maybe the right place though it was still far from 'shopping perfections'. In a short words, 'till this 2011, people may notice that Sarikei still doesn't have any good shopping mall due to its low population. Sarikei's residents preferred shopping in Sibu(the nearest city with multiple 'Good Shopping Mall')


Interesting places to eat in Sarikei include the two coffeeshops in the Nyelong Industrial Estate, which serve nice Kam Pua noodles as well as Prawn Noodles. Aik Seng coffeeshop serves a mean Roti Kahwin, Nasi Lemak and an interesting version of Kam Pua noodles (the only "halal" kampua in town). Taman Selera at Kampung Seberang is one of the hottest spot at night serving different types of food.

A Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and a local fast food franchise called Sugar Bun serves the occasional craving for fast food for the local populace. Never miss Sugar Bun if you pass by Sarikei.

Chicken King (opposite Guardian) is another addition to sarikei's Western Fast Food chains.




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