Sape is a city in Sumbawa in Nusa Tenggara, eastern Indonesia.


Sape is a small harbour village with friendly people. There is not much to see and there are not much tourists. Most tourists pass by to catch the ferry to Labuanbajo on Flores.

Get in

From Bima you can take a bemo (around 15.000, last one 5 pm). This will take you to Sape. Iif you need to go to the ferry, ask for Labuhan Sape (that's the pier). You can also charter a bemo for 200.000. Just make sure that they won't put you onto another cramped bemo after 10 minutes...



There are no cafés or pubs around. The only Bintang you can get in the shops is Bintang Zero...


Go next

From Sape you can get the ferry to Labuanbajo on Flores (once a day, 8 am.). The ferry does not run if there are high waves or storms, so make sure you are informed before you come to Sape.

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