Set under the spectacularly steep 810 peak of Gunung Santubong, the Santubong Peninsula is home to Sarawak's finest beach resorts and its famous Cultural Village.

Development of the resorts has been largely slow-paced and sensitive, and further curbs on development can be expected since part of the peninsula was declared a national park in 2007, 50 years after it was first suggested.

Get in

By shuttle van

Minivans head to Santubong regularly from the market in Kuching, leaving when full.You can also have the place you are staying on the peninsula send one to Kuching for you by arrangement.


Extremely cheap but unreliable public bus service operated by Petra Jaya transport departs from the market in Kuching and heads to Buntal, on the eastern side of the peninsula, and continues on to Santubong if there is sufficient demand.

Tour bus

Regular tour buses leave from most of the major hotels in Kuching. Fees are around RM10 per person.

Get around

The peninsula is very rural and undeveloped outside of the resorts. Which is a challenge on several fronts: the main attractions out of walking distance and none of them are next to one another. The best way to get around is to take shuttles from your accommodation. Most are Rm 5 per person.




The Santubong Peninsula is home to many fine resorts, mostly clustered around Damai Beach


Go next

The best way to get out is the same way you got in, that being by shuttle or by bus. The resorts mostly provide shuttles for Rm5-10 per person. Kuching is a hub for all further travel from there.

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