Santo André

Santo André is one of the municipalities that composes the metropolitan area of São Paulo. The municipality is divided into two districts roughly of the same size:

Get in

By train

Line 10-Turquoise is the main rail connection between Santo André and the city center of São Paulo. The quality of the trains of this line is good, similar to the metro. The main station Prefeito Celso Daniel-Santo André is located in the city center of Santo André.

To go to the Paranapiacaba village, it is needed to get off at Rio Grande da Serra station, and take a bus to Paranapiacaba next to the drug store.

It is possible to go to Paranapiacaba directly by train using a touristic train operated by CPTM, but only on sundays (except the 2nd sunday of each month). Check the CPTM website for exact dates and detailed information.

By bus

Intermunicipal buses operated by EMTU go from the Jabaquara metro station to the city center of Santo André. As with most intermunicipal buses, you cannot use a Bilhete Único and no discount is given if you have used other forms of public transportation.

By car

The city centers of São Paulo and Santo André are connected by Avenida do Estado. To get to the village of Paranapiacaba, it is possible to take local roads from Rodovia Anchieta.

Get around

The two districts of Santo André are separated by the Billings reservoir, and hence there is no direct connection between them. To get from the city center of Santo André to Paranapiacaba, it is necessary to pass through Mauá, Ribeirão Pires and Rio Grande da Serra.






In Paranapiacaba there is a nice & simple self-service restaurant in the village called Beija Flor where you can observe hummingbirds. Another options is Casa do Tio César (Rua Antônio Olintho, 489 - Parte Baixa - Vila de Paranapiacaba Telefone: (11)4439-0281 c/ Cesar).


Most nightlife is concentrated in Bairro Jardim, near the center of Santo André.


There is no budget hotel in town. A possibility is to go to a motel and negotiate a daily rate.

Go next

From Santo André one can easily take Rodovia Anchieta and reach the coast of São Paulo.

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