Santarém (Brazil)

Santarém is located on the southern bank of the Tapajós River (a tributary of the Amazon), in northern Brazil. It's the second-largest city in Pará, and located just about midway between Manaus and Belém.

Get in

By boat

Santarém is about 36 hours by river boat from Manaus and 60 to 70 hours from Belem, making it an ideal place for a few days' stopover on a trip along the Amazon. Boats leave Manaus every day besides Sunday. There are usually 3 boats leaving from Manaus, however on Wednesdays only one boat leaves and costs R10 more than usual for first class. Usual cost is about R110-120 for first class (top deck with a hammock.)

By plane

There's a domestic airport(Santarém-Maestro Wilson Fonseca Airport), but few foreign travelers use it to get in. It's handy if the Amazon gets to you and you need a quick ride out, though. Connections exist, among others, to Fortaleza, Manaus, Recife and Rio de Janeiro.





A few bar-come restaurants along the Beira Rio, particularly downstream from the center.





There is free wifi available at Praça da Matriz.

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Santarém has two ports: Docas do Pará serves farther destination like Manaus and Belém while a smaller port near Praça Tiradentes serves destinations on the Tapajós river and other local destinations like Monte Alegre and Alenquer.

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