Sanmenxia (三门峡; Sānménxiá) is a city in western Henan with 2.2 million inhabitants.


Sanmenxia city is located in the west of henan province, as the world famous the Yellow River sanmenxia first dam, dam construction and the rise of a new city.

History and culture

Sanmenxia is on the southern bank of the Yellow River. Sanmenxia city is one of the cradles of Chinese civilization. During the Warring States period, this city guarded the strategic pass between the Qin forces in the Wei Valley to the west and the kingdoms of the North China Plain to the east. It is here that Laozi wrote the Dao De Jing, the founding charter and source of Taoism.

In 1921, the first of late Stone Age paintings were found in MianChiXian Yangshao village. These paintings showed a Chinese matriarchal society. The patterned painted pottery is one of the important features of what came to be known at Yanghao culture.

Today, the city is mostly known for the dam of the same name, Built in revolutionary fervor with the semi-mythical goal of clearing the Yellow River. Tourists come during the rainy season to witness massive discharges of the river's water.


Hangu Pass (函谷關) - Historic pass guarding the Qin state in the Wei valley to the west against the state to the east. The pass is so important that during the Warring States period, the North China Plain was known as "East of the Gate" (关东). Today's gate structure was built after 1992 and is of questionable authenticity.


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Routes through Sanmenxia

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