Sankt Augustin

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Sankt Augustin is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Get in

Getting to Sankt Augustin is quite easy, as its infrastructure of traffic is excellent.

By train

Sankt Augustin is connected to Siegburg and Bonn by the tram 66 "Telekom Express" which runs each 10 minutes. Limited service in the early morning, late evening, or the weekend. The tramline offers several stops within the city limits. To visit the city centre use the exits "Kloster" or "Markt". Traveltime from Siegburg is less than five minutes, from Bonn around 15.

Towards Sankt Augustin Menden (2 km western of Sankt Augustin's centre) some regional train service (RE 8 "Rhein-Erft-Express" and RB 27 "Rhein-Erft-Bahn") is offered from direction Mönchengladbach via Cologne (incl. direct service from the airport) and Koblenz via Bonn-Beuel.

Next train station offering long distance connections is Siegburg/Bonn located in Siegburg approximately 2 km or two tram stops (Line 66) from Sankt Augustin's centre. The station Siegburg/Bonn is a stop of Germany's nationwide ICE high speed train network (ICE line 42, 43, 49 and 79 "ICE International") with splendid national and international connections. Regional service offered is RE 9 "Rhein-Sieg-Express" (Aachen-Cologne-Siegen) and S 12 (Düren-Cologne-Au). Be aware that there is no direct regional service between Cologne-Bonn-Airport and Siegburg/Bonn and you have to change either in Spich, Troisdorf or Porz-Wahn.

By car

Going to Sankt Augustin by car is even easier than by train.

You will find it at the motorway A 3 at the connection "Bonn / Siegburg" to the A 560. Here you should change to the motorway 560 and choose the exit (Niederpleis for Niederpleis and Buisdorf, Sankt Augustin for Ort and Mülldorf or Siegburg for Menden) you want, as the motorway passes Sankt Augustin in the north.

The motorway A59 passes Sankt Augustin in the west. The exits Bonn Villich (connection to the B 56 "Sankt Augustiner Straße" ) and Bonn Pützchen are just a minute from Sankt Augustin Hangelar.

Closest exit for Sankt Augustin Meindorf is the exit Bonn Beuel at the motorway A 565 pasing Sankt Augustin in the northwest.

From Bonn centre you may use the B 56. Just travel over the Kenedy-Bridge and follow the road running parallel to tram 66.

And of courde there are regional roads connecting Sankt Augustin and all the other surrunding towns.

By bus

Sankt Augustin can be reached by bus from all surrounding towns and cities. Just go to the main bus stop of your destination town and have a look on the timetable of the busses. For example you can go by the bus 508 from Troisdorf, by the line 529 from Hennef and by the line 512 from Königswinter-Ittenbach.

By plane

Hangelar Airfield located in Sankt Augustin Hangelar is a small airfield for private and sport planes.

To the terminals of Cologne-Bonn-Airport "Konrad Adenauer" - located in the south east of Cologne - it is approx. 12 km. At the Airport use either an ICE in direction Frankfurt or regional service via Porz-Wahn or Troisdorf to Siegburg. At Siegburg use the tram 66. In addition there is a direct regional service between Cologne-Bonn-Airport and the train station in Sankt Augustin Menden.

From Frankfurt's Rhein-Main-Airport ICE-Service is offered to Siegburg twice per hour. Lufthansa AirRail-Service in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn is offered once per hour.The train takes around 40 minutes.

Get around

Sankt Augustin consists of eight parts, which have once been independent villages, so that you'll find one centre in each part of Sankt Augustin, but no real city centre. The eight are Meindorf, Menden, Mülldorf, Niederpleis and Buisdorf in the north, Ort in the centre and Hangelar and Birlinghoven in the south.




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