Sangay National Park

Sangay National Park is in the eastern Andean Highlands of Ecuador. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Sangay National Park contains many mountains and has several hiking opportunities.


Sangay National Park encompasses several major volcanoes and mountains. Tungurahua is the northernmost volcano, located near the town of Banos. El Altar is located just south of Tungurahua. Volcano Sangay is located still farther south and is one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

Flora and fauna

In the lower valleys of the park there are many farms and the vegetation is fairly lush and forested. The higher you go the less vegetation there is. At about 11,500-12,000 feet you encounter the paramo, a high grassland used for grazing.


The climate is mild at lower elevations, but above the treeline is chillier. Nights in the high grassy paramo can be below freezing year round.

Get in

There are many access points to the park, depending on what you want to do.


There is supposed to be a $10 fee to enter the park, which is valid for 2 weeks. However, some routes into the park bypass the ranger stations.


Lago Amarillo, the endpoint of the hike to El Altar

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