The Buddhist stupa at Sanchi

Sanchi is a village in Madhya Pradesh in India, about 9 km southwest of Vidisha and 46 km from Bhopal. It is the site of a great Buddhist stupas listed on UNESCO World Heritage List.



Vidisha was the capital city of the ancient Malwa kingdom. Over the years, many Buddhist monuments were constructed within a 20 kilometre radius of Vidisha.

The emperor Asoka married a woman from Vidisha. He built for her the Caityagiri Vihara at Sanchi. Their son the arahant Mahinda set out from this place to convert Sri Lanka. Their daughter Sanghamitta set off from here with a sapling of the sacred Bo-tree from Bodhgaya, which was planted in Anuradhapura: the Sri Mahabodhi which is the oldest recorded tree in the world.

The Sanchi stupas date from the third century BC and are some of the best preserved historical monuments in India. There is no direct connection between Sanchi and the Buddha. The seventh century Chinese traveler Huen Tsang, who journeyed across India and wrote in detail about Buddhist monuments in India does not even mention Sanchi in his travelogues.

Yet, Sanchi is a must-see on every Buddhist's pilgrimage of Buddhist holy sites.

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46 km from Bhopal, which is very well connected to the rest of India. Your own vehicle is not a must, as any buses going to Ashta from Bhopal can drop you within half a kilometre of the village. And everything, including the site and the lodging facilities, is within 1 square kilometre. Also, the Sanchi railway station is very close to the village.

You can also reach by Vidisha station, a less known but located very near to Sanchi.



Within the stupas boundary, you can buy literature and maps for various tourism sites in MP. At Gateway Retreat (M.P. Tourism Hotel) you can buy handcrafted statues of Lord Buddha, Sanchi Stupa, etc in marble, stone, wood and other materials at Alankar Handicrafts.


Good north Indian, south Indian, continental, and Chinese food is available.


One can try sugarcane juice from local vendors but keep an eye on hygiene aspect. Tourists should rely only on packaged drinking water. Before buying make sure your Mineral water bottle is properly sealed.


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