San José de Chiquitos

San José church complex.

San José de Chiquitos is a town in the eastern Bolivia, Santa Cruz department.


San José de Chiquitos is best known as one of the Jesuit Missions of the Chiquitos, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It lies at the junction of important roads: the one of Santa Cruz to Puerto Quijarro and the one to the missions north. San José is close to two important nature sites: Santa Cruz la Vieja historical park and the vast Kaa-Iya national park.

Get in

By train

You can come by Red Oriental ( train (aka "death train") both from Santa Cruz and Puerto Quijarro.

By bus

Up to two buses daily come from San Ignacio passing San Miguel and San Rafael on the way (all dirt road), Bs50. There are bus connections from Santa Cruz (paved road) as well.

Get around

By foot

San José is small enough to walk on foot.

By moto

Mototaxis are available.



Kids playing football on the outskirts of San José.
Road in Santa Cruz la Vieja historical park with Cerro Turubó in the background.


Some small eateries around the main square.


Go next

If you want to continue with the missions counter-clockwise, go to San Ignacio. There should be buses (ask the locals), because there are up to two buses daily going the opposite direction.

For more Chiquitania and Pantanal experiences you want to go (by quite frequent buses or not-so-frequent trains) east to Roboré (and definitely visit nearby Santiago de Chiquitos) or Puerto Quijarro (to see and cross the river Paraguai for visiting nice town Corumbá in Brasil). Try to arrange a stop at the little town of Chochís as it is a mind-boggling place.

You can as well go west to Santa Cruz by quite frequent buses or Red Oriental train.

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