San Gil

Parque San Gil

San Gil is a city with a population of 50,000 in the Santander region in Colombia. It is known as Colombia's adventure sport capital.

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* From Bogotá : 40,000 COP / 6-7 hours (march 2016)
* From Cartagena : 70,000 COP / 14 hours
* From Cúcuta : 40,000 COP / 9-10 hours
* From Medellín : 60,000 COP / 11 hours
* From Santa Marta : 70-80,000 COP / 12 hours (Copetran, Brasilia) (feb 2016)
* From Tunja : 20,000 COP / 4 hours / 200 km



Parque el Gallineral

Tour companies generally offer similar activities and are clustered around the entrance of park El Gallineral. If you plan to go rafting or kayaking on rapids of class 3 and over, check that the guides are certified by the International Rafting Federation (IRF).

Mountain biking

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San Gil is the pioneering place for rafting in Colombia :


There are lots of places around San Gil to go for a swim :

Other activities are caving, parapente, paintballing, kayaking, hydrospeed and rapelling.


There are numerous trekking opportunities in the countryside surrounding San Gil. The following itinerary goes through 3 colonial towns before going down in the Chicamocha canyon and up on the other side. Doing the whole trek in 2 days is possible if you leave San Gil really early on the first morning but it will probably be more enjoyable do it in 3 days and take your time checking out the towns in details. You can also do only parts as there are buses going back to San Gil in every town except Jordan. You don't need to carry food and camping equipment as there are restaurants and hotels in every town. Carry a lot of water and be careful of the midday heat.

Going down the Chicamocha canyon towards Jordan

Bungee Jumping

There are two places to bungee jump, located over a river a few kilometers from town, 500m appart. You can get there by bus for 1,000 COP, taxi for about 5,000, or moto for about 3,000.




Some of Santander's Famous Regional Foods:




Prices in most San Gil hotels double on long weekends and places are heavily booked. Book in advance for Easter, Christmas and all long weekends.

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