San Fernando

San Fernando is Trinidad's busy second city. It is built on hills including the most famous in Trinidad ---San Fernando Hill. San Fernando is very much a carnival city, experiencing a full build-up to its own wide assortment of competitions in Skinner Park as well as energetic parades.

Get in

An easy connection from Port of Spain, Chaguanas and other Northern and central towns can be made via the Uriah Butler–Solomon Hochoy Highway.

From the southwest, connections can be made via the S.S. Erin Road or the Southern Main Road and Mosquito Creek.

From the southeast, connections can be made via the Naparima-Mayaro Road to the Mon Repos roundabout.

Getting to San Fernando can also be done by boat. Boats can dock at the San Fernando Yacht Club.

Bus connections are available from City Gate in Port of Spain and other places via PTSC buses. Additionally, taxis and Maxi Taxis are available.

Get around

Getting around on the island is very simple. There are mini vans for hire called Maxi Taxis, which carry passengers from various towns.

Regular taxis are also available at taxi stands.


The San-Fernando hill.

San Fernando Mission


There are a few shopping areas in and around the San Fernando area. High street, the main shopping street in the second city, has a range of chain stores and one-off stores run by local businessmen. The largest mall in the Southland is the Gulf City Shopping Complex, tucked away in the suburban Gulf View area, accessible via the San Fernando By Pass route.


Lots of restaurants around. Like Soong's Great Wall Restaurant, Jenny's Wok and Golden Dragon just to name a few of the better ones.

You must try their "black pudding". A Friday delicacy consisting of seasoned pig's blood stuffed in intestines and pre-cooked before its fried in front of you. It may sound disgusting to many cultures but you should really try it before you knock it. It is absolutely delicious.

Another great restaurant in south Trinidad is Canton Palace which is located at Cross Crossing. They serve traditional Chinese and Cantonese style dishes. If pork is one of the meats you eat, I recommend trying their Char Sue Pork and their Roasted Pork. I personally recommend you have Michael, one of the chefs, prepare your meals.


"Sting" and "The Edge" night clubs are popular clubs for those who want to dance to a variety of music all night long. "Horace's", "Richie's" and the "Uncle Sam's" are cozier night spots for those who prefer a smaller crowd. Don't forget about Tree House or TGIF.

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