San Agustin

San Agustín is a small town in the department of Huila in Colombia that is famous for its pre-Colombian statues.


San Agustín is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


It's a great place to go with friends and family where you can see beautiful things such as sculpture objects, etc.

Get in

By bus

Get around

There different archaeological sites are scattered over a large area. If you have the time walking is the best option, the scenery on the way is amazing and some of the local transportation can help you on your way. It is also possible to rent horses. Several agents run jeep tours to some of the more remote sites.


View of the village

Archaeological sites




There are ATMs in San Agustín, buy they are not very reliable and are out of cash at the end of long week ends. To get money you may have to go to Pitalito. Bring your passport or you might end up in the DAS office in Pitalito. The only ATM in town does give cash advance on VISA credit cards.



This region is rich in coffee, drink very common in the rural community, as well as drinks and chicha guarapo alcoholic beverages that are used by the aboriginals ansestros and even today are consumed by local residents.


Stay safe

Most guidebooks may tell you this area is guerrilla territory, but this is no longer the case. If you are going to Popayan, Tierradentro or Mocoa, it is still best to avoid travellin by night.

Some of the agents organizing jeep tours are more interested in your personal belongings. Set up tours at your hostel.

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