Kamariotissa, the main port of Samothrace

Samothraki (Population: 2,859 [2011]) is a small island that is basically the conical tip of a mountain rising out of the sea. There are two main towns; Kamariotissa and Chora; between them they provide most of the facilities one small town would normally have. There are two campsites. The island is surprisingly lush and green for an Agean Island, due to the rainfall caused by the central mount 'fengari'. The goat population (estimated at approx 100,000) outnumbers the inhabitants by 33 goats to every person.

Because the land rises steeply out of the sea, there are not many large beaches with the possible exception of the beach known as 'Fat Sand' which is located at the far end of the island from the main centers.

Samothraki is an ideal place for a rural retreat, it is very unsophisticated and lacks almost all tourist infrastructure (there is no nightlife, except during the annual music festival). The inhabitants are extremely warm, friendly people who will go out of their way to make you feel welcome.

It is the location of the annual (Greek) music festival .

Get in

By ferry from Alexandroupolis. The service is run by Saos Ferries . There is currently no ferry connection with Kavala or nearby islands.

Get around

There are buses connecting the different locations.


The major archeological site of 'the Sanctuary of the Great Gods' centre of a mystery cult that rivaled Delphi. there is a small, excellent museum that has a plaster cast of the famous 'Winged Victory of Samothrace' as a consolation that the original was looted from the site by the Louvre in Paris.



Some goat bells.

It can be difficult getting the bank to part with any cash on the island, make sure you have enough for a while as few places take cards or travellers cheques.


Almost anywhere, the food is delicious with a hint of the hot peppers used in northeastern Greece.


Retsina - seriously it is one of those drinks that tastes fantastic in its native environment but doesn't travel at all.


Outside of hotels, you have three options.

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