Samedan is a secluded village in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland but it is well connected with the rest of the country.

Get in

By plane

If you own a private airplane and secure a special permit you can land and take off in Samedan. The airport in Samedan is 1707 m above sea level, and is the highest in Europe.

By train

Samedan can be reached by train either from Pontresina, St. Moritz, the lower Engadin, or Chur. It takes around 15 minutes to reach Samedan from Pontresina or St. Moritz. The train ride to Chur lasts around 2 hours. Consider the convenience of buying a day rail pass which can be used for both train and bus.

By car

It takes around 1.5 hours to drive from Chur to Samedan. From Poschiavo, you reach Samedan over the Bernina pass and departing from Chiavenna you have to drive over the Maloja pass. There are three spectacular mountain passes by which you can reach Samedan when coming from Zurich. In winter it’s advisable to take a car train from Selfranga near Klosters to get into the Engadin, because the mountain passes are usually very icy.

Get around

By taxi

There are a lot of taxis in and around Samedan. But travelling by taxi is rather pricey in Switzerland.

By bus

A cheaper possibility is travelling around by bus. The bus drives from Maloja to Brail and stops in every village. In the high season buses run every 10 minutes.

By car

In and around Samedan you will find a lot of parking areas.

By helicopter

You can take a sightseeing tour by helicopter. You can even determine the course of the flight yourself. A flight of 20 minutes costs CHF 190 and a flight of 30 minutes is around CHF 270.




The magic of Samedan are the silence and the beauty of the mountains. It is a perfect place to relax and forget about the tedious stress. True shopping is hardly possible there. However, there are a number of cosy bakeries in which you can enjoy homemade pastries. Samedan is only 15 minutes away from St. Moritz, a true shopping paradise with small romantic high-end boutiques.


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