Salamajärvi National Park

Salamajärvi National Park is in Central Finland. Official website:

Get in

The main visitor centre is the Koirajärvi information hut in the park, maintained by a local cooperative (inviting regular visitors to join). The visitor centre at Seitseminen National Park (phone +358 205 64 5270, e-mail seitseminen(at) also serves visitors of Salamajärvi.

Car is the only option to get to the park unless you like walking (or take a taxi ride). Get a good map or a guidebook about Finnish National Parks or you will never find the main office (after driving 10 km on sand roads). There are coach and bus connections some distance from the park.


There are no fees for visiting the park or for hiking. Also parking is free.

There are rental huts, cabins and saunas and some other non-free accommodation options. There is a fee at the caravan area at Koirasalmi, which has electricity.

Equipment, such as rowing boats, canoes, kayaks, backpacks, snow shoes and child carrier backpacks can be rented at Koirasalmi. Checking availability is recommended.

A fishing permit is needed for fishing in lake Koirajärvi. You might also want a general fishing permit.

Get around

Duckboards over a forested bog.

There are 60 km marked trails in the park. In the central part of the park, and in the Salamanperä Strict Nature Reserve by the park, trails have to be followed (1.3–15.7). Duckboards can be flooded in the spring. Some terrain is rocky, meaning sturdy footwear supporting also the ankles is strongly recommended.

Some of the trails can be used for cross-country skiing in the winter. There are no maintained tracks and markings can be hidden by snow and frost, so some careful use of the map is needed. You can also choose your own routes; skiing on the open mires gives peace to the mind, but keep out of restricted areas in the spring.

Canoeing and rowing is possible, except in the restricted areas.


There are two nature trails presenting the nature of the area, both starting by Sysilampi Open Wilderness Hut:



Nature stuff at the national parks offices.


Sausage fried on a fire (or even better on the sauna oven).

There are quite many fire and cooking places, separate or at huts and shelters. Campfires are not allowed elsewhere. Open fire is not allowed anywhere when there is a forest fire warning in effect.






Camping is allowed outside the park according to the right to access. Be considerate, as trails on private land depend on cooperation with land owners. Where prepared grounds are available, those should be used instead.

Stay safe

There are areas in the park without mobile phone coverage or with interference. Try a more open or higher place. Emergency calls to 112 can be placed without SIM card, which guarantees the best connection available is used.

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