Sakai Minato

Squid-fishing vessel at Sakai Port

Sakai Minato (境港) on the western border of Tottori prefecture is an active fishing port and host to a Japanese Self Defense Forces base. The locally caught crab is especially good, but Sakai Minato's big attraction is as the home of Mizuki Shigeru, creator of the popular manga Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro.

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In spite of its name, Yonago Airport is actually located here in Sakai Minato, not Yonago. ANA operates flights to/from Tokyo and ASIANA operates flights from Seoul three days a week.

Sakai Minato can easily be reached by train. All train stations in the city are located along the JR Sakai Line which can be accessed from Yonago Station.

Since July 2009 a ferry connects the city to Vladivostok, Russia by the way of Korean city Donghae.

Get around

No matter where you go in Sakai Minato you will always be within walking distance of a train station. In spite of the city's small size, there are six stations within city limits; Yonagokuko (Yonago Airport), Nakahama, Takamatsucho, Amariko, Agarimichi, and Sakaiminato Stations.

Taxis are available at Sakaiminato Station.


Mizuki Shigeru Road

Walk down Mizuki Shigeru street and marvel at the many paintings and sculptures of the bizarre universe of monsters that are part of Kitaro's world.



Kitaro-related souvenirs of all types are available everywhere. Anything related to the Medama Oyaji or Eyeball Daddy character seems especially popular.


Local crab is excellent in season, but any fresh seafood here will be a good choice.


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