Saint Louis Metro East

The St. Louis metropolitan area is mostly in Missouri to the west and north of the city, but it does spill over into Illinois to some degree, especially to the north-east and along a line toward Belleville Illinois to the east.


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There is a daily system of the bus and it changes on Sunday. Each Bus has a Bus schedule on it,and if you go to a bus stop there is a number on the sign to say which bus number it is,The buses have words on the top to tell you if they are in service or are going to a specific place.


You can park your car at the Metrolink parking lot Or you may right the bus to the MetroLink. They have a Blue and Red Line that brings you to different destinations depending on the route.


There are Many Streets and Highways to get around Some Routes have been changed so listen to the radio,watch local News or Look for Signs of Road closure and Detours.


Stay safe

East St.Louis has the reputation locally of being one of the most dangerous towns in the United States.

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