Saint-Tropez is a town in the French Riviera.


View of Saint-Tropez

In 1920s the town attracted some famous French characters, including Coco Chanel. Later in 1950 it gained an international popularity: Roge Vadim shot And God Created Woman featuring one of the sex symbols of that time Brigitte Bardot. Since then it has been a hot destination for the rich and famous. But these days the town has plenty for everyone.

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Cruise ships that visit must anchor or loiter offshore and bring passengers to town by tender.

Entering Saint-Tropez by car is not the smartest thing to do, since the town has very narrow streets and lots of tourists walking in it. There is a large parking at the border of the town, from which it is a ten minutes walk to the center of the town. You can walk on the borders of the sea, where you have a great view at the luxury cruise ships.

A ferry service from Sainte-Maxime is operating in season.

Get around

Saint-Tropez is a fairly small town, so it could be easily explored on foot.


Port of Saint-Tropez
Sculpture-Fountain. Spirale, Jean Yves Lechevallier, Place Celli.


People are playing jeux de boules

The "village" itself is easily walked and enjoyed. The waterfront is crowded with cafes and shops with "elite" offerings. A block or two inland, through narrow streets and alleys, you'll find fewer stores and cafes, quaint and interesting studios, homes and a few historical structures.


In the first week of July there is an international Polo tournament, which attracts the best polo players from around the world to the Saint-Tropez Polo Club.



Fish Market

The waterfront is packed with stores offering "elite" goods, and cafes for the "in-crowd" (or naive tourists), all at heady prices. A block or two inland, offerings are often equally good, with slightly more modest prices.


Tarte tropezienne

Saint-Tropez is famous for its traditional tarte tropézienne (tropezian pie), which is worth of tasting. It was invented by Alexandre Micka in 1955.


Chateau Minuty Rose Cuvee De L'Oratoire rose wines are popular in Provence, and this is one of the best.


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