Saharan Mauritania

Saharan Mauritania is a region of Mauritania.

The old tower of the Oudane ksour


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This region makes up the northern two-thirds of the country. Picture-perfect Saharan dunes are the main attraction.


Rain usually falls during the hivernage, which lasts from July to September. Often, isolated storms drop large amounts of water in short periods of time. A year, or even several years, may pass without any rain in some locations. Diurnal variations in temperature may be extreme, although annual variations are minimal. During December and January, temperatures range from an early morning low of 0°C to a mid-afternoon high of 38°C. During May, June, and July, temperatures range from 16°C in the morning to more than 49°C by afternoon. Throughout the year, the harmattan often causes blinding sandstorms.


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