Sabha is the capital of the municipality by the same name in Libya. It was once the capital of the ancient Fezzan region.

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As well as connecting domestic flights with Tripoli, Sebha International Airport has connecting flights to other African countries.

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There are also flights to Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt from Sabha air port which is the main airport for the southern region . Sabha county cosists of few districts; Hajara, Al Jadeed, Al Gurdah, Sokara, Al Mahdiya, Al Mansheya, Guaeed and Al Thanawya. It is surrounded by few urban districts and they are; Tamanhent, Samou, Al zegen, Goudwa


Sebha fort stands out on a hill opposite the airport although is closed to visitors.

Sebha has a deserted old town and exploring the covered alleyways and crumbling houses can awaken the imagination and arouse the curiosity to what it may have been like to live in a time before block houses and air conditioning.

Sebha has a small gold souk next to the old town.


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