Saas-Fee is a mountain town located in the Swiss Valais. The town is best known for its views of some of the tallest mountains in Europe. Saas Fee offers skiing and snowboarding for 10 months of the year (in the summer the glacier is used for skiing and snowboarding). There are also a huge amount of hiking paths around the area, including the Monte Rosa hiking trail.

Saas Fee sits in the shadow of its larger neighbour, Zermatt. Saas-Fee is less developed than its neighbour, mainly because it doesn't have the Matterhorn but also because it doesn't have a railway. Saas-Fee is nice if you want what Zermatt has minus the millions of tourists that come to see the Matterhorn.

Get in

Saas Fee has a bus service that runs half-hourly from Visp and Brig run by the Post Bus. You can connect to the bus very easily from Visp and Brig train stations.

Tickets for the bus can be either bought from the driver, from a SBB train station (and included in the train ticket) or from a Post Bus ticket office.

Since the opening of the new Lötschberg tunnel, Visp is the main point of access. It has direct trains to: Geneva, Sion, Martigny, Montreux, Vevey, Lausanne, Geneva Airport (and in peak season a direct train from Paris) in the West, as well as to Berne, Basel and Zürich in the North. Some trains to Milan might only stop in Brig.

Train times and tickets for internal travel in Switzerland can be looked up/bought from SBB. It is sometimes cheaper to get a transfer ticket if you are flying to an airport in Switzerland, information on the Swiss Travel Services website.

International train times can be looked up on the German Trains website

The nearest airport to Saas Fee is Sion, but few airlines fly into here. Your best bet is to fly to either Zurich or Geneva and jump on a direct train from inside the airport to Visp. Then take the bus. You may notice that the last bus is around 7-8pm from Visp so if you're arriving in on a late flight there may be a train to Visp but no bus to connect to. Your best bet is to either stay the night in Brig or get a taxi to Saas Fee, which will cost as much as 180CHF.

Get around

Getting around Saas Fee is easiest by walking, and the village isn't too large. The village itself is car free meaning there are only milk-float-type electric buggies roaming the village. Just be careful because they can sneak up on you, then give you a bit of a shock when they beep at you!

There are taxi firms that run in Saas Fee, but be prepared to pay large amounts for a ride. Try it once and you will decide you're walking for the rest of your stay here!


Besides the obvious 'wow' factor when you look up at the mountains after walking out of the post bus station:


View on the village of Saas-Fee in summer with the mountain panorama in the background.
Saas-Fee in summer.

In the winter there are many more things to do such as:

Note: You can get discounts on many of these activities if you are staying in Saas-Fee. Take you guest card with you!


Saas Fee is very expensive, that has to be said, there are some nice shops. Just make sure you bring your diamond studded gold credit card.



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