The Kremlin of Ryazan

Ryazan (Ryah-ZAHN, Russian: Рязань) is a city in Russian Federation, the center of Ryazan Oblast.


With its 525 thousand population Ryazan is the 3rd largest city in Central Russia after Moscow and Yaroslavl. Neither the size nor the proximity to Moscow (200 km) helps to upgrade the city's image: Ryazan is totally provincial.

As an industrial center and a transport hub, Ryazan is not a major tourist destination. But its history and several attractions make the city a good solution for a weekend escape from Moscow.

The city was founded in 1095 AD, but its initial site was completely destroyed by Mongols in 1237 - Ryazan was the first obstacle on their way of conquering Russia. Years after the new Ryazan was built few dozen kilometers away from the destroyed site.

 Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°C) -7 -5.4 -0.1 10.7 19.5 22.9 24.2 23.0 16.4 8.7 0.8 -4.1
Nightly lows (°C) -13.7 -12.6 -7.1 2.0 8.3 11.8 13.9 12.3 7.4 1.8 -4 -9.9
Precipitation (mm) 33 26 26 36 42 65 83 60 48 48 45 41

Average of Ryazan

Get in

By plane

Ryazan's local small airport Turlatovo doesn't operate regular flights and is being used for small aircraft and training. So, the closest air terminals are Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo of Moscow. From those airports Ryazan can be accessed by train, by bus, or by car/taxi.

By train

Ryazan is an important transit rail hub. There are 2 train terminals in the city (Ryazan-1 and Ryazan-2). Most trains proceed to the east and arrive at the larger Ryazan-1 terminal, while those going to the south stop at Ryazan-2.

An ordinary ride by elektrichka from Moscow's Kazansky Rail Terminal (Казанский вокзал) takes almost 4 hours and costs 320 RUR (one way).

A faster and more comfortable option is to take an express train from the same terminal. The ride takes a little less than 3 hours, the cost depends on the class of the car. There are 3 express trains daily, going in the early morning, midday and evening.

Except Moscow, elektrichka commuter trains from Ryazan proceed to the city of Kolomna in Moscow Oblast and to Michurinsk (the 2nd-largest city of Tambov Oblast).

Ryazan is also a major stop for many long-distance trains going from Moscow to the Southern Russia and Volga Region. Few trains proceed to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Key destinations are:



By bus

From Moscow buses to Ryazan departure from Vykhino (Выхино) metro station. The buses leave 1-2 times per hour starting from 6-30 AM to 7-30 PM. The price is comparable with elektrichka, or even cheaper. Other destinations accessible by bus from Ryazan include:

The Central bus terminal of Ryazan is located out of the city center, so you will probably need to get around by local bus, trolleybus, or a taxi. There is also the second and less-importnant Prioksky terminal, serving bus routes to suburbs, e.g. Solotcha.

By car / taxi

Ryazan is about 200 km from Moscow by M5 federal road. As elsewhere in Russia, the road conditions differ greatly from a 4-lines highway to narrow bottle-necks with usual traffic-jams. Depending on traffic situation the way from Moscow may take from 2 to 6 hours (beware Friday evenings and Saturday mornings in the summer).

Being unhurried, you may visit on your way to Ryazan the historical cities of Bronnitsy and Kolomna located on M5 road within Moscow Oblast.

Hiring a taxi from Moscow to Ryazan expect to pay 3,000 - 4,000 RUR for one-way journey and use only certified providers.

Get around

You can get around the city by taking a minibus, a taxi or a bus. The public transport system is represented by ancient trolleybuses which are pretty slow.

Cathedral of the Assumption in the kremlin of Ryazan


Drama Theater - beautiful old building

Puppet Theater - prize winning director Valeriy Shadskiy


Take a 3-hour boat trip from the Kremlin embarkment along Oka-river and back. With Russian pop-music and spontaneous dances on the top deck.

Visit bee and honey museum and horse-breeding institute in Rybnoe.


"New Russian" hotels http://www.monarx-ryazan.ru/ 50-180$ and http://www.atlantic-club.ru/hotel/ 60-100$- in the center.

Go next

Konstantinovo - the estate and museum of Sergey Yesenin, a famous Russian poet. Great views of Oka river and beautiful rural scenery. About 50 km from Ryazan via the town of Rybnoe.

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