Running as part of a vacation has seen strong growth in recent years. Individuals wanting to complete marathons in different cities, states, or countries can do so with the numerous marathons offered all over the world. Companies such as Marathon Tours and Travel operates tours that take traveling marathoners around the globe.

Marathons are not the only option for running on a vacation - both endurance races and shorter distance runs are also possible. Run the World operates interesting culture/running tours to international destinations, and allows a traveller to run, but still soak in a large part of culture, which is often missed on a marathon trip.

The Hash House Harriers are a running club that originated among expats in South-East Asia but has since spread widely, with well over a thousand groups in many countries. They do a weekly hare-and-hounds run, followed by a gathering at a local eatery. There are frequent regional gatherings called "interhashes".

Guided running tours are a new category of adventure travel. Experienced runners take clients on great routes and allow them to maintain a running routine while traveling on business or pleasure. They are known as "running tours", "city running" or "sightrunning". Generally, we can distinguish two kinds of running tours. Scheduled tours are such events that take place with fixed time, itinerary and meeting points; more than one participant usually takes part. There are also customized / private / personalized tours which only realize once a travelling runner books them. Some providers operate both kinds, especially the established or bigger ones; some specialize only on customized tours.

In San Francisco, check out American Running Guides. They bring runners all over the city and across the Golden Gate Bridge for some trail running in Marin County.

Internationally, the Global Running Tours successor, Go Running Tours networks dozens of sightrunning providers on four continents. With roots in Barcelona's Running Tours Barcelona and Copenhagen's Running Copenhagen, it was quickly joined by Running Tours Prague based in Prague and others. It focuses on bringing quality standards into the mushrooming running tours field of activities with quite a few requirements (insurance, top customer rating etc.) for a provider to fulfill before they are invited onto the board. In Spain, 360 Running Barcelona organizes sightseeing and running tours.


Here are some of the best places in the world for travellers to run - that is, routes that lend themselves to both sightseeing and a good jog:

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