Rostov Oblast

Rostov Oblast is a region in Southern Russia, which borders Krasnodar Krai in the southwest, Ukraine in the northwest, Voronezh Oblast in the north, Volgograd Oblast in the northeast, Kalmykia in the east, and Stavropol Krai in the south.


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Rostov Oblast is one of Russia's most populous regions and is the economic and cultural center of Southern Russia. The region is especially notable for being the center of the Don Cossack culture and contains the world's most important Cossack cultural monuments and museums, primarily in Novocherkassk and Starocherkassk. The region was also a major center of anti-Soviet resistance during the Russian Civil War (191821).


You will most likely only encounter Russian.In Rostov-on-Don and surrounding villages there is a numerous Armenian population, so you may hear Armenian speech too. All of Rostov Armenians speak Russian, however.

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There are domestic flights from virtually any large airport in Russia to Rostov-on-Don. Rostov also serves as the principal transit junction for the region, trains coming here will come through Voronezh from Moscow.



The Don River region is a principal wine region for Russia not that Russian wine is the world's most renowned, but a Russian winery makes for an interesting visit. The town of Tsimlyansk is famous for its Tsimlanskaya champaigne.

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Rostov-on-Don is the principal rail hub for trains heading south to Krasnodar Krai and all destinations in the North Caucasus. Trains also head west into Ukraine, going as far as Kiev.

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