Rome/Old Rome

The Fountain of Neptune at the center of the Piazza Navona

Old Rome is the historic medieval and renaissance center of Rome. While the oldest section of Rome is at the Forum, and the Modern Center has shifted to the Via Veneto, Old Rome remains the city's most charming district, with lovely piazzas (squares) and streets to wander and find small cafes and restaurants. Old Rome includes the neighborhoods of Navona, Campo de' Fiori, Pantheon, and the Ghetto.

Get in

From Termini station, take the 64 bus. Be careful as this route is popular with pickpockets. The Old Rome area is served by several stops between Piazza Venezia and the River Tiber. Alternatively, take one of the many other buses serving Piazza Venezia.


Ancient Rome

The Piazza of the Pantheon
Roof of the Pantheon
Largo di Torre Argentina


Historical Squares and Streets

Bernini's elephant statue outside the Minerva church
Via Giulia

Historical buildings

Palazzo Farnese


Ceiling of the Chiesa del Gesù


Columns, Obelisks and Statues






Ice cream


Among the two most popular bars in Campo de' Fiori, particularly for American backpackers and exchange students, are Sloppy Sam's and the Drunken Ship. Both are nice for a quiet afternoon drink but are usually quite noisy at night, with specials most nights to encourage business.



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