River Vale

River Vale Township is in Bergen County, in the Gateway region of New Jersey. About a half hour drive outside of New York City, the suburb of River Vale is within driving distance of anything one would ever need. Growing from a rich history dating back to the Revolutionary War, River Vale was established as a township in 1906. It has continued to grow to the point it is at today, with a population of almost 10,000 people today.

Through River Vale and the nearby local towns, there is plenty to do, eat, and discover about what Bergen County has to offer.

Get in

By Plane

There are three major airports near River Vale, all within an hour's drive from the respective airport. To get from these airports to River Vale, a car rental or hitching a ride from a friend would be necessary. Other options from these airports would include hopping in a taxi cab or bus, or a short train ride from Penn Station.

By Train

NJ Transit - Trains has many train lines and stations all throughout the most of Northern New Jersey. Trains are generally available, running from 7AM - 1AM or later every day. Most trains to New Jersey leave from New York Penn Station (in Times Square) and depart for Secaucus Junction. To get to River Vale, one would need to take the Pascack Valley Line from Secaucus to the Westwood train station. However, there are not many available times that the trains run through this station, especially in the afternoon and night, so one could take a train on the busier Main-Bergen County Line to Ridgewood, NJ, about a 20 minute drive to River Vale. All in all, from New York to River Vale it is about a 45 minute train ride and $10 for a one way train ticket.

By Bus

NJ Transit - Buses is New Jersey's public transportation system with 236 different bus routes throughout the state of New Jersey, as well as linking New Jersey to the New York City. From New York City (Port Authority Train Terminal), the closest a bus can take you to River Vale is to Hillsdale, NJ (another small town bordering River Vale), which would take about an hour and 15 minutes. One way tickets generally cost $5-$10. Buses run on a line by line, day by day basis, so one would need to check online for times.

By Car

Since River Vale is a suburban area outside of New York City, to get to River Vale one would need to take a lot of back roads to get in. The closest highways to River Vale are the Palisades Parkway to the east, the Garden State Parkway to the west, I-287 (New York State Thruway) to the north, and I-80/I-95 Junction to the south. Locally, NJ routes 4 and 17 are the larger roadways, providing quick access around Bergen County.

Get around

The best and easiest way to get around in River Vale and its neighbors would be to drive a car. If one does not own a car when in the area, one could either rent a car or order a taxi. Walking is also always an option - sidewalks on the busier roads help facilitate a pedestrian-friendly environment. A bicycle would also be a more cost-efficient option to driving, as well as a faster transit than walking.

By Taxi

There are 2 taxi companies located near River Vale, both operate with 24 hour service for local trips or for an airport shittle service. For pricing, both are determined based on the length of the trip in the taxi and the hour of the day.


Being a remote suburb, River Vale and its surrounding towns have a few recreational parks open to the public:







There are many food options in River Vale, and in the surrounding towns. Most of the restaurants are very affordable, especially for those in the middle class. There are, of course, the stereotypical fast food chain restaurants in the area in addition to these locally owned and operated options.








The local drinking scene in River Vale and its neighboring towns is, for lack of a better word, bleak. There is always the option of taking a train or a bus in to New York City ("The City"), where one can indulge themselves in the many bars and night dance clubs that are in New York.

There is, however, one local drinking hole that many 21 years old enjoy to frequent, called The Cornerstone. In addition to being a bar, The Cornerstone doubles as a restaurant for lunch and dinner. On occasion, The Cornerstone has live bands and/or DJs perform in the nighttime, as well as other special promotional events. +1 201 666-8688; 84 Broadway, Hillsdale NJ 07642.


There are not many hotel accommodations in River Vale and its surrounding areas, as the majority of the area is residential. However, the closest hotels are within a 10 minute drive of River Vale:

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