Rioni Region

Rioni Region is a lush, green, mountainous region in western Georgia along the Rioni River.



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Georgian is unquestionably the main language in the region, but much of the older generation speak Russian. The younger generation is increasingly speaking English due to hostility towards Russia, and because English has replaced Russian as a second language in schools nation-wide since independence. When in need for help, look for younger people, as they are more likely to know some English.

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Georgia's principal east-west highway passes through Kutaisi, and you can get to pretty much anywhere from there. To the east, past the highway junction at Khashuri are the Kartli cities of Gori and Tbilisi to the east and Borjomi to the south.

There is a road leading north from Lentekhi that is the principal route into the high mountain villages/fortresses of Svaneti. And lastly, there is a road leading east from Oni towards Tskhinvali, South Ossetia, but this route is susceptible to highway banditry, carjacking, and kidnapping and is not recommended.

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