Riohacha is the capital of the department of La Guajira. The city with 167.000 inhabitants is located on the caribbean coast and the land behind the town is rather desertic.

Get in

The beach of Riohacha

By plane

The   Almirante Padilla Airport. is 3 km south-west of the centre of Riohacha. Taxi to the city centre is about 5000 COP.

By bus

The   Terminale de Transporte. is 1km south of the city centre at junction Caerera 11 and Avenida El Progreso. A taxi to the centre is 5000 COP. Buses with Expreso Brasilia / Unitransco go:

Buses with COPetram go:

Get around

Downtown Riohacha is very walkable. There's nothing much to see outside of the ten or so square blocks around the ocean. If you need to take some wheels, it's easy to hail a cab. Most fares in town run from 3,000 to 6,000 pesos.




Mochillas sellers

A very good place to buy Wayu artesany, mochilas in particular.


There are a string of bars and small clubs along the ocean which serve Aguila on tap and a few imports.


There is a surprisingly wide variety of accommodation in Riohacha. The most expensive places tend to be located on the ocean, which a series of slightly dated mega-hotels. Rooms here can run up to 200,000 pesos in the high season. Expect discounts of up to 60% in the off season or for rooms that do not face the ocean.

On the cheaper end of the scales, rooms get be had for as little as 15,000 pesos at small bunkhouses and guest hostels further away from the ocean. Try just east of the bus station. Be warned that many of these places cater to internal refugees displaced from Colombia's long drug wars. You will probably be sharing with some (mostly friendly) long term guests.

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