Ringerike is a municipality in the central part of Eastern Norway. It's a popular tourist destination for day trips with Hadeland Glassverk as the biggest attraction. Visitors also come for recreation, bicycling and walking along marked routes in the woods, or skiing in winter.


Tyrifjorden lake

Ringerike is a municipality and a traditional district (landscape) in lower Buskerud county. The traditional district includes Hole municipality. It sits on the northern shores of the wide Tyrifjorden lake. Tyrifjorden lake is one of the largest in Norway. While the lake surface is only 60 meters above sea level, the deepest point is 288 meters and average depth is 90 meters such that most of the lake's volume is under sea level. the deepest point i Hønefoss sits at the confluence of two main rivers, one of them forms a lovely waterfall in the city centre. Rivers flow slowly in large bends through the rich agricultural landscape. Tyrifjorden lake (major lakes are often known as "fjord" in east Norway) is the hub for a wide river system from Valdres/Jotunheimen, Hardangervidda and Hallingdal to Drammen. Central Ringerike sits just west of the uplands of the Oslo forest (Nordmarka), the Oslo forest rises above the delightful lowlands as a long, steep forested ridge in the east.

The area has a rich history, as can for instance be seen in the large number of burial mounds at Veien near Hønefoss. Halvdanshaugen (Halvdan's burial mound) on the plain near Stein (next to road E16) is one of Norway's largest.


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Hønefoss is a transport hub for travel between Bergen, Hallingdal and Valdres and Oslo and other East Norway cities on the other.

By air

Oslo Airport (Gardermoen) is 66 im from Hønefoss. From Oslo Airport there is the Airport Express bus to Hønefoss, named Askeladden Reiser.

By train

The Bergen railway line meets the rails of East Norway at Hønefoss. Regular trains from Oslo via Drammen.

By car

Distance from Oslo and Drammen is about 50 km. The roads from east, south and west meet just outside Hønefoss. Ringerike is situated along route E16, 53 km from Oslo. From Bergen it is the last natural stop before Oslo, easy to spot along E16 (424 km).

By bys

With express bus from Oslo's bus terminal, it takes 1 hour and 15 min. to Hønefoss. Timekspressen has 26 departures daily, 15 departures on Saturdays and Sundays. For time table search for buses, see Trafikanten.no [www.trafikanten.no]


Kjerraten i Åsa (wheel house 5)
Hval church


Reconstruction of 2000 year old house at Veien



Ringerike has a rich network of foot, bicycle and skiing paths. In the woods of Krokskogen and Nordmarka, you find a unique bicycle terrain along winding small roads, and not the least along Kongevegen/Pilegrimsleden. Along the fjords there are also bicycling paths or roads with little traffic and you can bicycle through a nationally valuable culture landscape with beautiful fields, grazing cattle, and culture monuments such as burial grounds. Many of the culture monuments have information boards.


Ringerike is a popular recreation area all year round. It is an eldorado for those who enjoy fishing, especially trout and whitefish. In May/June we arrange the “gjeddefestival” (Pike Festival) and there is crayfishing in Tyrifjorden in August. Tyrifjorden, Sperillen tempt with small forest lakes where trout and perch are plentiful. You`ll also find some char. In between the culture landscape in Ringerike, there are many small lakes with good fishing. Here you can catch pike and several types of freshwater fish. Remember to buy the correct type of fishing permit. The beaches along Tyrifjorden and Sperillen are also popular places for the whole family during summer.



Ringerike is an agricultural area and is known for the Ringerike Potato and the special Ringerike Peas. In summertime you can buy fresh strawberries from the booths along the road and in the season you can buy crayfish from the Tyrifjord as well.

In the town of Hønefoss there are several different restaurants, from gourmet to nice family restaurants. In the garden of Brasserie Fengselet you can enjoy a nice meal away from the noise from the town, even though you are in the centre of town.

Sundvolden Hotel and Klækken Hotell in the countryside offers à la carte restaurants. Sundvolden Hotel can help you with everything from an intimate table for two under the maple trees in their park, to a celebratory dinner in the Guildhall with its large open fireplaces and metre-thick stone walls dating from the eleventh century. Klækken Hotell even has its own confectioner, so you must not miss out on their cakes.


Few regions have such a treasure of pleasant hotels and banquet venues as Ringerike.

Here the hosts, through generations, have left their mark on the places. The roads from east, south and west meet in Ringerike, and the region has been a natural stop-over place for may years.


In the countryside you find Sundvolden Hotel with its own spa centre. Klækken Hotell has a swimming pool, and is perfect for families. Both of the hotels are also well-suited for conferences.


If you prefer budget travelling, you can spend the night at a camp site by one of the lakes. Close to the main road E16, you find Utvika Camping. Onsakervika Camping close to Lake Tyrifjorden is also a nice place to stay for a few days, especially if you are travelling with children. Both of the camp sites have private beaches.


You can also hire a room on a farm in Ringerike, all of them in quiet and beautiful surroundings. Bjørke Farm is easy to find when you drive along the main road E16.

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Hønefoss and Ringerike has convenient connections further inland to valleys

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