Rijswijk is a city in the province South Holland in the Netherlands. It is a small city, which evolved around a tiny city core. The name is derived of 'rijshout', a type of wood which grew in the area and the word 'wijc', which was used for settlement in medieval times.


Rijswijk has a population of about 46.000 and has few touristic attractions, but is one of the older townships in the country. It is a suburb of Den Haag and is attached to it, but it has kept it's independence in many ways. The inhabitants will emind everybody of the fact that it is not Den Haag.


Rijswijk was built in the Dutch coastal area, which used to be classified with the riverdelta. The coastal line was situated through Rijswijk at 3700BC, but gradually moved west over time. The oldest traces of inhabitants date back to 3500BC; in the new stone age. The 'Oude Kerk' (translated as 'Old Church') has played a part in the coming to be of the current village centre. Around 1200AD the Oude Kerk was built on a Roman predecessor. Around 1500AD the current church, which is still present, came to be. The village pump was built in 1831. Until then a bucked was used to get water from the old city well.

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The 'Haagse Salonboot' offers the possibility to travel from and to Rijswijk from Den Haag or Delft with an antique salonboat.


Rijswijk is a beautiful Dutch town. It's a great place to have a drink in the tiny city core and see the great sites it has to offer.


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