Riisitunturi National Park

Entrance of the Riisitunturi national park

Riisitunturi National Park is situated in the southern part of Finnish Lapland near Posio. The park covers an area of 77 square kilometers and represents the fell and hill landscapes in Koillismaa. There are colourful hanging bogs on the slopes of the Riisitunturi Fell and scenery over the Lakes Kitkajärvet and the forest landscape of Posio. The snowy forests wintertime are worth seeing by themselves.

There is a trail network suitable for hiking trips lasting a couple of days.

Nearby is the protected mire area of Karitunturi Fell and old-growth forest.


Visitors have to be able to take care of themselves, at least in the winter, as the area is remote and wilderness-like. The Noukavaara road is not ploughed in the winter and skiing tracks may sometimes be in poor condition. Do not expect to get quick help in emergencies. There are areas without phone coverage (try to climb higher).

Some experience in hiking and skiing in the forest are required, as the terrain is quite difficult in some places.


The park was established in 1982.

Get in

The park is about 30 km from the centre of Posio. The nearest airport is in Kuusamo, about 54 km from the park, the nearest railway station in Kemijärvi, about 130 km from the park. The village Tolva is near Riisitunturi and is the starting point of a skiing trail into the park. There is a taxi in the village.

There are daily coach connections from Rovaniemi and Kuusamo to Posio, the latter driving along road 81 (Kuusamo-Posio-Rovaniemi), quite near the Kirintövaara starting point in the south end of the park.

The Posio-Rovaniemi snow mobile route passes by the western edge of the park. Ahmatupa open wilderness hut near Karritunturi is by this route.


There are no fees charged to entering the park.

Get around

There are hiking and skiing routes in the park. You are allowed to walk and ski outside the trails, except for possible restricted areas. There are shelters and open wilderness huts in the area.



Hiking during winter time

The park offers hiking possibilities both in winter and in summer time.

Cross-country skiing

From mid January to late April there is a 7km long, maintained ski track in the National Park. The track starts from Korpihilla Café's parking lot and ends to the fell hut on top of Riisitunturi. The track is fairly easy.



The Open Wilderness huts offer shelter for everyone free of charge. One is 4.6 km from Noukavaara starting point and 1.5 km from Riisitunturi starting point, another near Karitunturi. In peak season you should have a tent. There are also lean-to shelters.

Open Wilderness Hut

Stay safe

Be sure to understand the implications of traveling in cold weather, if you are going to the park in wintertime without experienced guides taking the responsibility.

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