Ride sharing

Ride sharing is an alternative to hitchhiking.

Like hitchhiking, it involves seeking a ride in a vehicle operated by another traveller who is going to the same destination. Unlike hitchhiking, the arrangements are usually made in advance; the passenger makes some token payment to the driver to defray or partially defray the cost of the trip.

Various media are useful to locate prospective drivers or passengers for ride sharing:

Ride sharing is most likely to be successful between major centres or popular, beaten-path destinations. On long trips, such as a cross-country Trans-Canada Highway run, passengers may be asked to do some of the long haul driving. It's best to post a request for transportation well in advance and start checking for offer listings at least a week prior to the desired departure dates. It also helps to be flexible with departure and arrival times. As with hitchhiking, some common sense and discretion is advisable.


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