Richmond/The Fan

The Fan is a district in Richmond, Virginia. It is named The Fan because of the way the roads fan out to the west from N. Belvidere St. It's easy to find a variety of boundaries that "define" the Fan, just ask a variety of Richmonders. Everyone will have a slightly different mental map. But roughly speaking, the Fan District is bounded on the east by Belvidere St (U.S. Route 1), on the west by The Boulevard, on the North by Broad Street, and on the South by Cary Street. The Fan itself is bordered on the west by the Museum District/Carytown, on the South by the Byrd Park, Randolph, and Oregon Hill neighborhoods, and on the North by the Carver neighborhood.

Get in

By car

From I-95: Exit 79 - The Boulevard: From the exit turn right at the stoplight and head south on Boulevard until you reach the intersection with Broad St. From this intersection to that of Cary and Boulevard, the fan is to your left. Turning left down any street in between will give you access to the fan.

Exit 76 - Belividere (Rt 1): From the exit you will come to a traffic light. Most out-of-towners take a left at the light on to Leigh St, followed by an immediate right at the next light on to Belvidere. From Belvidere and Leigh head south to the intersection with Broad St. From here to the intersection with Cary St, the fan is to your right. If you stay on Belvidere immediately past Monroe Park is Main St., the main westward thoroughfare through the Fan.

From 195 (toll):


The fan is home to many historic homes, parks and monuments as well as the Monroe Park campus of Virginia Commonwealth University.


Monument Avenue - Richmond's most prestigious street cuts through the fan, starting at the western terminus of Franklin St at Lombardy. 4 of the 6 monument along the street are located in the fan.

Museums - The Fan and the adjacent Museum Distract contains some of Virginia's best museums



Although there are some great shops actually in The Fan (such as along Strawberry Street, near Park Avenue), the great shopping is in Carytown. Carytown is south of the bordering neighborhood, The Museum District, on Cary Street, west of Boulevard.


Edo's is a local favorite, offering Italian inspired seafood dishes. Edo's can quite crowded on weekends, and especially with VCU student in-town during the school year.

Kuba Kuba located on 1601 Park Avenue is a smoke-free Cuban restaurant known to have the best menu for Cuban food in Richmond. It has a variety of salads and appetizers including Tostones or deep fried plaintains and Scallop Ceviche, which is a dish with lime-marinated scallops over mixed greens. Kuba Kuba also serves Paella Valenciana, a traditional Spanish rice dish with Chorizo, clams, mussels and shrimp. User reviews from CitySearch rated Kuba Kuba 4.5 stars with five being the highest rating.

Three Monkeys Bar and Grill located on 2525 W. Main Street is an upscale corner café in the Fan, where the menu includes Greek specialties such as Saganaki and Spanakopita and a variety of other foods ranging from common burgers and fries to homemade pizzas.


The Fan is replete with bar/restaurants, concentrated mostly on Robinson Street (two blocks east of The Boulevard), and along Main Street for the entire length of the Fan.

Mostly just make sure you catch some great live music, like at the Cary Street Cafe 2700 block of Cary Street, (about a block from Boulevard)



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