Reutlingen is a city in Baden-Württemberg.

It is an industrial city at the foot of the Swabian Mountains, home to Robert Bosch GmbH's Automotive Electronics division as well as Reutlingen University (FH Reutlingen). The University is home to the highly-regarded European School of Business, as well as Production Management and International Business schools. This school was founded to support the textile industry that once thrived in Reutlingen (Hugo Boss's headquarters is located in neighboring Metzingen), but which has since been replaced by Bosch as the town's main source of industry.

Get in

Marienkirche in Reutlingen

By plane

From the Stuttgart Airport the X3 bus, leaving in front of the terminal 2, takes you to the city center (Stadtmitte). The journey takes about 45 minutes and costs 7,20€. For more information to the airport see the Stuttgart page.

By train

There are regular train service to and from Tübingen (10 minutes/ 3,20€) and Stuttgart (35 minutes/ 11,80€).

By bus

The long-distance bus market is exploding in Germany, since a new law was passed in 2013. There are dozens of daily services from most major cities, which are often significantly cheaper than trains. Most buses offer amenities like Wi-Fi and power outlets and some can even transport bicycles. The best resource for checking connections is this German website. All buses leave from the   Haltestelle Bahnhofstraße, Bahnhofstraße 12 (next to the train station). . DeinBus and MünchenLinie offer routes to e.g. München, Berlin, Nürnberg and Freiburg.

Get around

Reutlingens public transport is part of the Naldo transport network. They have an amazing variety of different tickets for group travel, etc. For a single traveller inside Reutlingen you would get a Einzelfahrschein (Single trip) or a Tageskarte (Day ticket) for one Zone (Wabe). The Einzelfahrschein is valid for 1 hour, the Tageskarte is valid for the rest of the day and costs twice as much as the Einzelfahrschein. The tickets can be bought when you get on the bus or accasionally at ticket machines at the bus stops. The tickets are also valid on the trains (if you have bought a ticket for enough zones) however you cannot buy them on the train, so make sure you have a valid ticket before you get on, otherwise you will be charged a 40€ fine.


Spitalhof with Marktbrunnen




Reutlingen's main shopping street is the Wilhelmstrasse. It has many small shops as well as the bigger stores such as H&M and Breuninger


In the city center of Reutlingen there are many restaurants. Döner Kebap, the excellent Turkish fast-food, can be found on almost every corner of downtown.


Pubs and Bars



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