Rennell and Bellona

Renell and Bellona is a province in the Solomon Islands.



English is spoken among some of the residents of Renell. All seems to speak a form of Solomon Islands pidgin as well as the local language, Renellese, a Polynesian language.

Get in

There are two flights per week from Honiara. One flight goes from Renell to Bellona, and the other from Bellona to Renell. Both flights are run by Solomon Airlines.

Get around

There are only a few vehicles on Renell. If you are going to the World Heritage in Lake Tegano, you will need to arrange transport before hand. The transportation must be paid in cash and can be expensive. In September 2007, a meeting of the Solomon Islands provincial governors was held on Renell and several vehicles were delivered to the island for transportation.

Because of the difficulty in getting fuel to Renell, the car ride may be more expensive than the flight. Prior to the vehicles owned by the province, a ride was often $100 round trip. Do not pay more than your pro rated amount if many people are in the vehicles with you.

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