Red Bluff (Australia)

Red Bluff is a rugged and raw coastal camping site located on Quobba Station in the north Gascoyne Region of Western Australia.


Sign at Quobba Station warning of large waves

Access is northwest via Carnarvon and approximatley 60km north of the Blow Holes. The keen traveller doesn't need a 4WD to get there, however to really explore this area, it would be useful. This spot is mostly known for its world class surfing break and fishing reputation.

The Bluff's crystal coastline meanders endlessly with an abundance of marine life making it their playground. There are no tours or tourguides here, but you can call on the two families who permanently reside there. Jim and Bec run the grounds and Monique and Reid have run the store for years.

Get in

Motor Vehicle only. Most Caravans, camper vans etc are ok.

Get around

The road from Carnarvon to Quobba (at least until the King Waves Kill sign) is bitumen but from there to Red Bluff and Gnaraloo it's an off road track. A normal 2WD car is sufficient, however if you wanted to go to Turtles a 4WD is recommended.



This is a do it yourself place: surf, fish, snorkel, explore or simply grab a wine, book and relax. You may choose to visit Gnaraloo station which has a slightly larger shop, (including alcohol for sale,) or go snorkelling at Turtles for the day.


It's pretty much a 'bring your own everything' place. However Monique and Reid do have a shop open for a couple of hours every day where you can get the basics from. Oh and the best Mango Smoothie you've ever tasted.


A good WA beer or wine on sunset is mandatory!


If you want the traditional Bluff experience, you should book a humpy or a camp site. Do this in advance as it gets very busy during winter months. There is no running water however clean pit toilets are provided revealing some of the best views in Western Australia.

Quobba Station has recently built an eco-certified spa retreat for those who want to camp in style. There are a small number of Safari Retreats and Bungalows available where the picturesque view and understated bush location is intensified in complete comfort.

Stay safe

Remember camping, surfing and fishing etiquette and everyone is happy. Given the large distances between places it's a good idea to let someone know if you're heading off for the day or a few days.

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