Real de Catorce

Real de Catorce is a city in San Luis Potosí.

This old ghost town is very popular with tourists from Texas especially the Austin area. Many of the old Haciendas are being restored to former glory. The surrounding high desert area is becoming a popular area for horseback riding. Overall, Real de Catorce is benefiting from the renaissance that is sweeping across many of the forgotten colonial gems of the northern deserts.

Get in

In order to get to Real de Catorce you have to go through a very narrow 11km tunnel. At the high tourist seasons (Oct. and Apr.) you will have to leave your car outside the tunnel and take a horse and carriage in to the pueblito.

Get around

Once in Real de Catorce you get around by walking mostly. Cars are not allowed to drive in the city. To get to one of the far away tourist destinations you travel by horse, donkey or mule.



Walking, hiking, mountain biking, equestrian riding, camping, peyote with a shaman.


Home made crafts... made with minerals found in caves



Houses can be rented in the surrounding small ghost towns (without electricity or running water) for about $100 monthly, its a popular option for artists and craftsmen.

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