Raxrujá is in the Northern Lowlands region of Guatemala.

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Minivans from Sayaxché and Coban, the latter on two routes.

If you are going to Semuc Champey next, be sure to go the route to Lanquin via Sebol, not via Coban first.


The ruins at nearby Cancuén. There is a minivan that leaves with some regularity for La Union. There was evidence of at least one passenger pickup still doing that route as well in February, 2007. For the minivan, coming from El Amigo, turn left and walk a bit past the small downtown and look and ask for the minivan. To arrange the boat ride get off at the tienda next to the Cancuen sign and look for someone to help you. Do NOT walk down to the embarcadero unless you have time to kill before aranging the ride.


There are two internet places in town. One is at Hotel Cancuen near the edge of town to the north. The other is on a side street downtown. Ask around.

If you are going to the ruins and are using mass transit, check in and leave your packs at El Amigo and head downtown to find the minibus that goes to La Union.


There are a couple of comedors downtown.


A small tienda across the road from El Amigo sells cold beer.


Hotel El Amigo has friendly management, a pool and it provides purified water to guests.

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