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Ravenna is a city in the Romagna zone of Emilia-Romagna.


The entrance to the San Vitale basilica

Ravenna is the home of the Mosaic Basilica, with a delightful small town atmosphere plus other UNESCO World Heritage listed early Christian monuments.

Get in

By car

Ravenna is easy to get to from the A14. Follow the signs for A14D from the A14 East. The A14D ends some kilometres before Ravenna, but the roads to the town are clearly signposted. Once in the town, head for the centre (Centro). The town streets vary (as in all Italian towns and cities) with the main routes being large and navigable, the back streets being small and unsuited to large vehicles. As there are a number of ways in, make sure you have a town map before getting to the town, although this is good advice for any Italian town. Parking is easily attained, some free away from the old town centre, and typically 3 euro for 2.5 hours on the main street near the entry to the old town within 200 metres of the Basilica.

By train

There is a train station in Ravenna; there are main lines to Bologna and Rimini.

By bus

You can take a bus from any nearby town, it costs only a couple of euros.

By plane

There is an airport in the town of Forli' about 20 km from Ravenna. It serves Ryanair. The more expensive airlines fly to Bologna, about 80 km from Ravenna.

Get around

If you want to do any shopping, be aware that the shops in Ravenna observe a siesta from about 12:30 to around 4pm when the only things open are small bookshops and cafes.


Arian Baptistry ceiling mosaic

There is a ticket office close to Basilica of San Vitale where you can buy tickets for the main sights of Ravenna.


Apse mosaic - Basilica of San Vitale

Take the time to walk around. The town is full of the most charming surprises, be it a cafe or the outstanding fashion shops.


As a city of mosaics in Ravenna you can buy ceramic souvenirs in mosaic style, stylish fashions from all over Italy are available in the small boutique style shops. You won't find big stores here as you would in Milan or Rome, but there is a small town charm to them.


You are in Italy; eat Italian food. There are many small pizzerias and trattorias in the town that serve excellent and inexpensive fare. A typical meal of pizza and a beer will cost around 10 to 15 euro. In the main square, the cafe serves excellent Cappuccino for about 2 euro. The self-service cafe in the central market (just north of the main square and the Hotel Byron) is excellent for lunches (7,50 to 10 euros).


"The Good Shepherd" mosaic, Mausoleum of Galla Placidia


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