Rautalampi is the west-most village in Eastern Finland. It is located in the district of Northern Savo (Pohjois Savo) and has about 3,400 inhabitants.


Rautalampi is a vibrant municipality in North Savonia region with about 3 500 inhabitans. In the summer there is a significant increase in the population as people come to their summer cottages. Rautalampi with its vast forest and numerous lakes is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas in Finland. The whole municipality can be travelled around by water and also the town center is sorrounded by lakes.

Rautalampi has a rich cultural history; many authors, musicians and artists, such as the Finlandia Prize awarded author Kari Hotakainen, have their roots in Rautalampi.

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By train

The nearest railroad station is Suonenjoki about 20 km east of Rautalampi. There is a bus connection available from there.

By plane

The nearest airports are Rissala in Kuopio, 70km north-east of Rautalampi and Tikkakoski (near Jyväskylä) 90km south-west of Rautalampi.

By car

The national main road number 9 between Jyväskylä and Kuopio passes near the town.

Get around

Public transportation is only available on the main roads. To get around and see something else than the main village, a car or bike is strongly recommended.





During the summer only


There are at least three pubs in Rautalampi.


There is a youth hostel in Rautalampi and a camping site. Also available are a few mansions.

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Routes through Rautalampi

Jyväskylä Hankasalmi  SW  E  Suonenjoki Kuopio

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