Ratchaburi (ราชบุรี) is a town in Western Thailand.


Ratchaburi is the land of the Mae Klong Basin civilization. It is one province in the west of central Thailand which is full of various geographical features. For example, the low-lying land along the fertile Mae Klong Basin, fields, and Tanao Si Mountains which lie to the east and stretch to the Thailand-Myanmar border.

From legend and historical evidence, it is assumed that Ratchaburi used to be one of the civilized kingdoms of Suvarnabhumi in the past, from the reign of the Great King Asoka of India, who proclaimed the Lord Buddha's teachings throughout this land around 325 BCE. The central town of the ruling power of Suvarnabhumi was Nakhon Pathom which was called "Dvaravati" at that time. In addition, Ratchaburi was also the meeting point of ancient tradesmen and the gateway to Burma. Thus Ratchaburi is a melange of differing ethnic groups. Nowadays, Ratchaburi is full of many interesting things: history, ruins, ways of life, culture, handicrafts, and mountains.

Ratchaburi Province has an area of 5,196 square kilometres.

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The Transport Company Ltd., provides buses from the Southern Bus Terminal to Ratchaburi everyday. The first-class and second-class air-conditioned buses depart many times a day, taking about 2 hours to get to the province. For more details, please contact the ticketing at Tel. +66 2 8946122 or , or contact Ratchaburi Group 76 (Ratchaburi) Company Limited at Tel. +66 32 338439. For first-class air-conditioned buses (Ratchaburi), call Tel. +66 32 337787. Buses depart every 20 minutes. (The first trip from Bangkok leaves at 06:00 and the last trip leaves at 23:00) (The first trip from Ratchaburi leaves at 04:00 and the last trip leaves at 21:00).

In addition, buses from Ratchaburi Bus Station to other neighbouring provinces, such as Nakhon Pathom, Kanchanaburi, Samut Songkhram and Phetchaburi, are available.

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The State Railway of Thailand provides trains leaving Bangkok Railway Station Hualamphong and Thonburi Railway Station (Bangkok Noi) everyday, which takes about 2 hours. For further details, contact the Travelling Service Unit, Bangkok Railway Station at Tel. 1690, +66 2 2204334, +66 2 2204444 or call Thonburi Railway Station at Tel. +66 2 4113102 and Ratchaburi Railway Station at Tel. +66 32 337002 or .

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