Ragusa is on Sicily, Italy

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Ragusa is the capital of its province and today it is an active city with almost 70,000 inhabitants (2012). Since 2002 it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage with 18 buildings in Ragusa on the list.


In 848 and 853 Ragusa, in Byzantine possession, was briefly conquered by the Aghlabid. In 866 Emir Ibn Khafaja Soefijan had to break the siege after 15 months when the Byzantine admiral Niketas Oryphas succored the city with 100 ships. In 868 the city was finally captured by the Muslims.

In 1090 it came to the Norman Roger I of Sicily. His son Godfrey became the first Duke of Ragusa.

In 1693 Ragusa was hit by a terrible earthquake that destroyed most of the town. When the Ragusans had to decide where to rebuild their town, they split into two groups:

  • The San Giorgians (the nobles) that stayed in Ibla rebuilt the old town (Ragusa Ibla) and the magnificent Duomo di San Giorgio.
  • The working class that moved onto the new site of Ragusa and built the Cathedral of San Giovanni and the new city (Ragusa Superior). The old church of San Giorgio was badly damaged and most of its stones were used to build the new Duomo; only the Portal of the ancient church was spared by the earthquake and reconstruction.

Since 1927 these two parts form one community.

Get in

By bicycle

There is a project to convert the old railway-line running north past Chiaramonte Gulfi and to Vizzini (the track is already gone) into a bicycle-track.

By car

From Catania take SS114 and turn for Lentini SS194. From there follow sign to Ragusa on the SS514.

From Siracusa take the motorway A18 and then the SS115.

From Agrigento/Gela follow the SS.115

By bus

There are busses from Syracuse, Catania, Modica, Vittoria, Marina di Ragusa, Noto, Palermo (4h, €12), and Rome (SAIS Trasporti). The bus terminal is in the new part of Ragusa in Via Zama. Bus companies operating from Ragusa can be found on the website of Etnatransport

By train

It is possible to reach Ragusa by train, the central train station is in the new part of town in Piazza Gramsci. The old stations of Ragusa Ibla and Ragusa Genisi have been closed, and the station of Ragusa Donnafugata gets used to visit the Castle. On the train from Siracusa to Ragusa takes about 2 hours. Trenitalia

By plane

The nearest airport is in Catania (code:CTA) at 97km from Ragusa.

The Ragusa Comiso Airport (code:CIY) is 18km from town.

Palermo airport (code:PMO) is 274km from Ragusa.

At few kilometers from Ragusa is the Aviosurface Giubiliana (code:RGGIU).

By boat

The port of Marina di Ragusa is at 24km, but at the moment there aren't any schedule ferris. In the near future there should by an Hydrofoil-service connecting Marina di Ragusa to Malta.

The nearest port is in Pozzallo at 34km, where there are ferries/hydrofoils from/to Malta, run by and Blue Wave Line and Virtu Ferries

Get around

Take bus no 1 or 3 to the Ibla. The last bus leaves the tourist office at 8.40pm. If you go there on foot do not follow the directions for cars but take the step streets down from Via Roma. In Ragusa there are 15 lines of local bus, mainly circular lines, run by AST (Azienda Siciliana Trasporti). You can buy bus tickets at Tobacco shops and News Agents.

There is a taxi station/office at the beginning of Ragusa Ibla in Piazza della Repubblica and there are taxis at the train station in the new Ragusa.

There is a plan to build a light metropolitan train system using the railway-line that runs in Ragusa. There will be 15 stops for 18 kilometers of Metropolitan line, running from the high-part of Ragusa through the citycentre and down to Ibla and to the University.


Duomo San Giorgio


Festivals & Special Events

Religious Events



Shopping centres. There are two in Ragusa:


There is a market every day of the week (excluded Sundays) but it changes zone/quarter of Ragusa. The main Market is on Wednesdays next to the football stadium 'A. Campo' in Selvaggio quarter.



Most pubs are in Ragusa Ibla (old town) or in Marina di Ragusa (sea-town).


In Ragusa there are several hotels and many B&Bs. Out of town there is a good selection of agriturismi.


There is tourist information one block from the Duomo. They will give you a map of Ibla. It is not very accurate but necessary if you want to go outside the major roads.

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