Radoviš (Радовиш in Macedonian) is a small city in Eastern Macedonia. The city contains 16,223 people with an absolute Macedonian majority. The population of the whole municipality (including the villages) is approx. 28,000 people. It is famous for the tourists because of the new Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, which is one of the biggest and most beautiful in Macedonia.


The city of Radoviš was mentioned for the first time in 1019 during the reign of the Byzantine King Basil II (which was the name of the city during the Middle Ages. At this time in history, Radoviš is an important center for regional trade, craftsmanship and mining. At that time, the town was located in the North-West of the town's present location, on the banks of the Old river, where we can find traces of several churches, for example St. Archangel church.

In the 14th century, after the destruction of the Byzantine Empire, Radoviš found itself in the Serb medieval state. In 1361, the tsar Uroš sojourned in Radoviš. During the Ottoman Empire, in the 17th Century under the Kyustendil sanjak, it belonged to the diocese of the Kustendil metropolitan. At that time, the town had 3,000–4,000 inhabitants.

Get in

By plane

The closest airport (100 km from Radoviš) is "Alexander the Great Airport" (SKP) in the capital Skopje.

By train

There is no train station in the city. The closest train station is in the city Štip, 36 km from Radoviš.

By bus

There are buses from the capital Skopje every 1 hour, passing through Veles and Štip, starting from the morning, and the last bus is in 19.00 (7PM). The trip takes 2.5 hours (121 km) and costs approx. 300 denars (~ 5 euro). There is one bus departing from Bitola at 14:00 (2PM) and passing through Prilep, Kavadarci, Negotino and arrives in Radoviš at 17:00. The trip takes 3 hours and costs ~300 denars. Also, there are 2 buses from the nearby city Strumica. The ticket costs ~100 denars, and it is a 30 minutes trip.

By car

The road is new and modern, it is easy to travel and arrive in the city, you can reach Radoviš from south Strumica, or from the north, Štip. The main road M6 Štip - Strumica is tangentially placed on the township of Radoviš. This road is a main communication route with other parts of the country.


The Radoviš area is full of things to see. Aside from hiking the nearby mountain Plačkovica, visitors shouldn’t leave without visiting the famous orthodox church Holy Trinity (Sveta Trojca).


Almost every young person speaks English, but it may be a problem with an older person, so a phrasebook is handy. Speakers of Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian and Slovene should have no problem getting by. German, French and Italian are also very useful.


In the centre of the city you can find ATMs (for Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron and Maestro), exchange offices and banks. The shops for clothing are located in the centre, while there are other shops in all the city. Also, for fresh food you can go to the Bazaar (Pazar/Пазар in Macedonian) located in the centre as well.





Stay safe

Radoviš is a safe small and peaceful city. Most people are very friendly and hospitable.


In case of an emergency call 192 (police), 194 (ambulance) or 193 (fire).

Stay healthy

Water is safe to drink and there are public drinking water fountains in some public places.

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