Rabat (Malta)

Rabat is a town in Malta.

St. Paul's church

For the namesake town on Gozo island, see Victoria (Malta).


Rabat means suburb in old Arabic and this is indeed because Rabat is the town lying outside the citadel of Mdina. The two towns used to be a single one until the Arabs dug a moat across the hill and fortified its tip creating Mdina. Rabat had walls of its own in Roman times but this can only be seen today in parts of the street pattern.

Get in

There are several buslines going to Rabat, from the main bus terminal in Valletta it should take about 35 mins. 53 Valletta-Rabat, 52 Valletta-Dingli (through Rabat), 51 Valletta-Mtarfa (through Rabat)

Rabat is also only a short walk from Mdina - through regular city streets with plenty of quaint buildings and homes. Simply exit the old capital's fortress walls and keep walking; soon enough, you'll be in Rabat.

Get around

All the sights are within minutes walking distance of the busdepot located between Rabat and Mdina.




Go next

To the south one can visit the Buskett gardens which is without a doubt the greenest place on Malta, the Inquisitor's palace and the quiet clifftop village of Dingli.

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