Rio Dulce

Rio Dulce Town (Also called Fronteras) is a city in eastern Guatemala.


Rio Dulce town is a popular moorage spot for people sailing around the Caribbean, as it is qets very little damage from hurricanes. The main part of town is along the CA13 highway, where most shops, transport, and other services are. The rest is along the river, including marinas and accommodation options.

The large highway bridge over the Rio Dulce defines the town

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Getting around Rio Dulce really depends on your mood. You can walk, take a chicken bus, sail, hire a Lancha, take one of the many shuttles or minibuses or even a Tuk-Tuk. If you're heading to one of the further sites, you can even mix & match! It's always a "ride"!!


Covered Mayan stelae at Quiriguá

A simply beautiful place to swim and relax. Gets full on weekends and holidays. Get there by taking a bus from the market in Rio Dulce, heading towards El Estor\Lago Izabal.

Castillo de San Felipe




There are numerous restaurants along the riverside, some more upscale serving international food, others serving simpler things, but still mainly aimed at visitors in sailboats and other tourists. Street food and minimarkets are on the main street.


Tijax Express, close to the bridge, is Rio Dulce's unofficial tourist information. They can call all the places and arrange pickup.

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